Are you looking for somewhere to get involved that is worthy of your time?

Would you be interested in an opportunity that will change your local community and impact the next generations?

Child Evangelism Fellowship of Georgia – Cobb Chapter is dedicated to making a long-term impact in the lives of children in our community, but we need your help!

Check out some of the ways you can do your part.

Prayer in the greatest tool we have in life and ministry. The more dedicated prayer warriors we have, the better we are able to achieve the mission of reaching children. Will you make the commitment to regularly and intentionally pray for these things?

  • NWGA’s children: Pray that children in NWGA will call on Jesus as their Savior, grow in their relationship with Him, and grow into strong leaders who make an eternal impact.
  • Finances: Pray that the Lord will bless CEF of NWGA financially, so that we can hire more staff, expand to more schools and communities, and ultimately reach more children with the gospel.
  • Good News Clubs and 5-Day Clubs: Pray for the Good New Clubs we currently have-that the children who attend them will have a relationship with Jesus and continue to grow in it, and that more children will attend. Pray also that we will be able to expand and Good News Clubs in more schools and communities. Pray for the 5-Day Clubs and the children who will attend them this summer, that they will come to know Jesus as Savior.
  • Faithful servants: Pray for those who currently server with CEF of NWGA, and that The Lord will bring more church partnerships and involvement.

Good New Clubs are always in need of more volunteers to commit to server weekly. Whether your church sponsors a Good News Club, or you are just looking to serve in a GNC at a school near you, you are needed! There are a number of ways you can serve in a GNC:

  • Teach the Bible lesson or memory verse. CEF offers training for how to effectively teach these key components of the Good News Club
  • Read the missionary story
  • Help lead songs and motions
  • Lead a small group of children
  • Open and close the club in prayer
  • Help with set up, attendance, snack, packing up, etc.
  • Help keep children under control

Unfortunately, ministry is not always free. There is a cost for our curriculum, training, and administration.

Sometimes there are churches or groups who would like to start and run a Good News Club at a school, but do not have the funds to pay for these things.

You have the opportunity to partner with CEF of NWGA by donating funds to scholarship Good News Clubs that are facing a financial obstacle. 

Contact CEF of NWGA for more information about providing a GNC scholarship.

Whether you are a teenager, a grandparent, or anywhere in between, there are many ways you can get involved in CEF of NWGA's summer ministry (5-Day Club). There are some of the ways you can server:

  • Host a 5-Day Club (or less days, depending upon your schedule) at home, yard, or neighborhood clubhouse. Hosting includes providing the place, a snack, inviting the children in your neighborhood, and being present at the club.
  • Be a teacher at a 5-Day Club. This includes teaching the Bible lesson or memory verse at a 5-Day Club ( or multiple 5-Day Clubs!). CEF of NWGA will provide training for those interested in teaching. Contact CEF of NWGA for more information about the dates and locations of upcoming 5-Day Clubs.
  • Be a helper at a 5-Day Club. This includes helping with check-in, snack time, crafts, songs, reviews games, etc. Contact CEF of NWGA for more information about the dates and locations of upcoming 5-Day Clubs.

Want a simple, yet extremely helpful way to server?

Several times throughout the year, the CEF of NWGA office could use help cutting things out, putting packets together, stapling, and just overall help!

If you are interested in being contacts to help at office work days, Contact CEF of NWGA.

Are you in college or recently graduated? Are you interested in possibly working in ministry?

We have an opportunity for you to get real-life experience in what it is like to serve the Lord in ministry as a career. You would be involved in working on the field with children, as well as in the office with our team. We would also find out what your personal strengths and abilities are, and then figure out how you could best use them in the ministry. 

Contact CEF of NWGA if you are interested in this opportunity.