Teaching Children Effectively™ Level 1 (TCE)|

Level 1  – An innovative 30-hour course designed to equip local church members with a fresh approach to evangelizing and teaching today’s children. A practical learning experience designed to equip students with basic skills and effective methods to evangelize children and immediately begin a neighborhood or public school outreach ministry. Emphasis is placed on organizing and conducting meaningful classroom activities which can enrich children spiritually. In addition to regular course work, students are required to participate in teaching five children’s classes applying the methods learned in the course.

  • The Child in the New Testament
  • The important of Conversion
  • How to Lead a Child to Christ
  • The Importance of the Teacher
  • Bible Lesson Preparation and Presentation
  • Counseling the Child for Salvation
  • The Importance of Reaching the Child in the Neighborhood
  • The Good News Club Program
  • Organizing the Good News Club
  • Managing Your Classroom
  • Teaching Children to Pray
  • Teaching with Music
  • Visual Communication in Teaching
  • Encouraging the Newly-Converted Child
  • Scripture Memorization

In addition, three required practicum sessions conducted during the course provide each student with evaluated experience in applying the theory taught.

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